Non-public Nursery Słonik at Obroki 70 was established in January 2011 and is entered in the Register of Nurseries kept by the Mayor of Katowice. We have a grant from the City Hall and a grant under the Toddler programme from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Co-financing has a direct impact on the tuition fees for the stay and childcare, the nursery equipment and the price for the child’s food.

Non-public Nursery Słonik with Montessori at Rolna 14 was opened in August 2020 as a part of the project and EU funding.

We have been striving for over 10 years to take care of children at the highest quality level. In order to understand a child’s behaviour, emotions, needs, where some reactions come from, we constantly train. Thanks to EU funding, each carer has completed various courses, including “Conscious Teacher”, “Behaviour according to positive discipline”, “Attention training”, training according to Points of you cards, workshops in the field of rhythm, art, music and many others.

The nursery has been created simply out of love for children, so that they have a safe place while their parents are working. It has been oriented towards the needs of the youngest children and their parents. This friendly place enables safe and harmonious development of the child, stimulates creativity, unrestricted play and acquiring social skills through contact with a peer group.

In the nursery, we provide loving day care while the parents are at work. Classes are conducted by qualified babysitters. Children have at their disposal spacious rooms divided into three groups in each facility, where they can spend time – playing and resting. When the weather allows, they always go for a walk or to the playground next to the facility.




Children in the Słonik


Graduates of our facility