We invite you from Monday to Friday
from 6.45 am to 5.30 pm


The fee is 930 PLN. This charge does not include the board fee. In the case of siblings at the facility, the tuition fee is 15% off for the second child.
Entry fee: the one-off fee payable after signing the contract amounts to PLN 300, and in the case of siblings PLN 400.
The price for the stay of the child includes: professional childcare by qualified staff and educational, movement, music, art classes and the necessary materials for the above-mentioned activities. Each child has their own bedding, towel, potty, if they use it, and all care products. Parents bring diapers depending on wear. Additional fee: If the child is not picked up by 5:30 p.m., after closing the nursery, the fee for each commenced hour is PLN 30.


Catering is provided by NZOZ Medicalmed Sp. z o.o. based in Krakow. The kitchen is located on Bocheńskiego Street. Meals are prepared from high-quality products, with a small amount of sugar, puddings on plant milk, homemade jelly based on mixed fruit, pates, jams, homemade cakes adapted to the age of the child. The cost is PLN 17 per day according to attendance (breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea). The payment for meals is collected after the end of the month according to the child’s presence. A parent may decline feeding in the facility, bringing their own products (juices, purees, soups, porridges).

Additional Activities

Rhythm and dance lessons are organized by Time4 Events Sp. z o.o., and are held once a week according to the schedule.
Dog Education – twice a month on Wednesdays. English language lessons are organized by the Kokosowa wyspa, and are given once a week for 30 minutes to major children. The costs of extracurricular activities are covered by the nursery.
We provide very good housing conditions – each group has two rooms at its disposal: a toilet suitable for small children, space for prams. Our qualified guardians carefully observe the development of your children, adjusting the forms of play to the child’s abilities, while supporting the emotional and motoric development of the child.
During the child’s stay, there is time for meals, play and sleep, adapting to the age and needs of the child.
The Non-public Nursery Słonik is a place for 45 children, who are taken care of by 7 babysitters and 1 ladies to help.
There are two groups – Tigers, Bears. However, it is not age that determines belonging to a group, but the degree of development of the child, the willingness to participate in various organized activities. In the nursery, we perform various art works, there are music, rhythm and movement lessons, all of which are fantastic fun.

I encourage you to get individual accident insurance. Parents can choose the insurance company and type of policy themselves. Accident insurance protects children against accidents for 24 hours.

Deposits can be made to the following Santander account:

60 1090 2590 0000 0001 4444 0744